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Our Staff

Rabbi Yehuda Appel

Born in New York City, Rabbi Yehuda Appel has spent a third of his life in New York, a third, in Jerusalem, and a third in Cleveland.  He is married to noted speaker Hannah Appel and they have eight children.  Rabbi Appel received his ordination from the ITRI yeshiva in Jerusalem after studying at Aish HaTorah and before that in the Joint Program between Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary.  He was the director for many years of Aish HaTorah’s Discovery Program in Jerusalem before founding the organization’s branch in Cleveland.   His particular focus recently has been on setting up Aish programs on college campuses throughout the Midwest in addition to his teaching and administrative responsibilities in Cleveland.   In addition to his wonderful family, he feels particularly blessed for having studied with Rabbi Noah Weinberg of blessed memory, Rav Yussel Tzenvert, Rav Lazer Nannes obm, and Rabbi Solomon Sassoon obm, and for having had as his work partner for many years, Rabbi Chaim Feld. 
Rabbi Chaim Feld

Rabbi Chaim Feld grew up in Springfield, New Jersey (Exit 142 on the Parkway).  After graduating with a business degree from Emory University he backpacked through Europe. While running with the bulls in Pamplona he realized there must be much more to life, and began a journey that ultimately led him to Israel to learn more about his Judaism.  After years of study, he received Rabbinic ordination and then returned to the United States to work for Aish.  Passionate about teaching the power of our words both positive and negative, Rabbi Feld launched a national anti-loshon (gossip)  campaign.  He is the co-founder of WordsCanHeal.org and co-author of the Words Can Heal Handbook. For the past 20 years he has been Co-Director of Aish Cleveland.  He lives in University Heights with his wife Barrie and a portion of their brood.
Rebbetzin Barrie Feld

Rebbetzin Barrie Feld grew up in Wilmette, a suburb of Chicago.  She has a fine arts degree from the University of Madison Wisconsin.  Barrie has been teaching art for almost twenty-five years utilizing the setting to help build children's self esteem.  
Now that her kids are older, Barrie has focused her passion on starting a woman's movement in Cleveland.  She has brought numerous women to Israel on JWRP (birthright for moms) trips.  
Through her sincerity, passion, and true caring for people, Barrie has created a group of highly motivated women who want to make a difference.  She started Aish's Chayil, the women's division of Aish, which is dedicated to bringing women from all backgrounds together through learning, acts of kindness and social events.  When Barrie is not taking missions to Israel she lives in University Heights with her husband, Rabbi Chaim Feld and their youngest child still living at home.

Rebbetzin Channah Appel

Mrs. Miriam Chamberg

Mrs. Chamberg has been with the Aish Cleveland office since January 2007. She is the organization’s administrator as well as its program coordinator, organizing and advertising Aish events.
Prior to joining the Aish family as a member of the staff, Mrs. Chamberg began learning about Judaism with Aish in 1998. She loved what she learned, went to Israel on a trip with Rabbi and Rebbetzin Appel and became observant with the help of all the Aish Rabbis, learning the laws of Shabbos, Chumash and many other topics related to Judaism. Today, Mrs. Chamberg attends classes two or three times weekly to maintain her learning.
Mrs. Chamberg graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and a Business Management Major from Notre Dame College in Cleveland.
Previous responsibilities included working for 23 years at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant as a Communications Specialist.
She is married to Simcha, a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer. They have three children and seven grandchildren. A favorite activity is to visit them every year in Seattle and Atlanta. 
Mrs. Chamberg was born in Cuba and left the country in 1961 as a teenager. She also works as a volunteer for the Chevra Kadisha and the Mikve, helps Atidenu with carpools, volunteers at the Nishei Library and is available to teach Judaism in Spanish.